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The Eastan Group provides guidance and services on the critical elements you require to define and deliver impactful digital solutions



Identify your target market. Who are they? Why are they important? What do they need and care about most?



Define your overall plan and approach to meet your target audience’s needs – digital strategy, operations, and organizational design.



Establish your priorities – digital channels and audiences. What is most important? Why? What is game-changing?



Sequence solution delivery to maximize your desired outcomes and impact. In what order do these solutions come? How will you measure performance?



Determine how to integrate digital solutions and strategies into your business objectives to drive customer engagement, increase revenue opportunities, and improve efficiency.

    We boost your organization’s ability to employ digital solutions to advance your business and market leadership.

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words

    We have had the opportunity to engage successfully with a diverse set of companies from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Here are a few examples of the results from our engagement

  • Secured funding and increased valuation for Virtual Reality Startup

    Provided product and marketing strategy guidance. Efforts supported company’s efforts securing Series A funding and $50M valuation.

  • Increased Revenue 4X for Supply Chain Web Management Startup

    Developed product roadmap enabling company to pioneer supply chain management marketplace and grow revenue leading to a successful public offering.

  • Enhanced High Tech Solutions Ability to Capture Marketing Return on Investment

    Drove Marketing Digital Transformation supporting company’s efforts to improve and advance marketing processes and supporting solutions reducing costs and enhancing ability to capture ROI on Marketing activities.

  • Boosted Revenue and NPS for South American Airline

    Drove Agile transformation for global airline digital IT team enabling team to accelerate modernization of digital solutions. Resulted in $350M+ in increased revenue and 20% NPS improvement Year

    Let's work together to realize your digital aspirations.

Our Services

We partner with you to design and develop critical items to support your digital restructuring from discovery, strategy, solution road mapping/management, and operational models to performance management.

The Challenge

With the increased presence and usage of digital solutions, B2B organizations are placing a greater priority on digital investments to improve their customer engagement, streamline operations, achieve positive returns, and strategically differentiate.

However, many organizations struggle with the ability to define and deliver on their digital aspirations.

Let’s change that outcome. 

The Eastan Group will partner with you to establish the right strategy and executable plan to achieve your digital aspirations.

Our Approach

We’ll partner with you to evaluate your organization’s and your customers’/market’s needs and aspirations. We’ll balance that with an assessment of your organization’s current ability to meet those needs. We’ll then develop a strategy and approach that addresses those needs and requirements in a thoughtful, innovative manner, developing a realistic and achievable plan.

Let's Get Started

Complete our digital assessment, during which we’ll assess your digital readiness and ability to meet your needs. 

Then, contact us, and let’s review your findings and discuss how we can partner together to address your specific needs/areas of concern.

Don't Just Take Our Word

We have successfully delivered digital transformations in large organizations, in individual business units, and start-ups. With a proven track record across multiple industries, our team is ready to assist you on your journey. We measure our success against your success. 

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