Fractional CXO

Grow and Scale Your Business Intelligently, Flexibly, and Boldly

The right time to hire a fractional CXO is just before trouble appears in your company. If you are:

  • spending too much time working IN your business and not enough ON your business. 
  • yearning to evaluate new business opportunities and/or markets.
  • transitioning or trying to hit a new level of growth and profitability.


And if you need to bolster your leadership team and require an outside perspective and/or knowledge and expertise…consider a fractional CXO (i.e., COO, CPO) for your organization.

Eastan offers fractional CXO expertise in the areas of operations and product management

  • Operations: Ensure your business runs smoothly with a standard operating system. And execute differently with efficiency. 
  • Product Management: Employ best practices to enhance and advance your product delivery.

The benefits

  • Ease of integration:  Simplify the addition to your executive team with no elaborate HR processes and no executive expenses. And take the time to determine what you require from a full-time CXO.
  • Flexibility and Affordability:  Serve multiple roles/responsibility to match your needs within your economic requirements.
  • Focus:  Address your most critical areas while boosting your organization’s value and bolstering your efforts.